Access your Password Safe files created from your PC

Password Touch will open your existing Password Safe file. You can access all your passwords, logins and notes anywhere you need them.

Synchronize the changes with Dropbox

Changes made on iPhone/iPod touch, and on your PC, could be synchronize with Dropbox. You can update passwords, or create new logins anywhere, and see the changes on every devices. Unlike other password synchronization service, using Dropbox for synchronization means we won’t have a copy of your Password Safe file.

Secured your passwords, logins and notes

Password Touch use the trusted Password Safe file format to store your important information. Your passwords, logins and notes are encrypted with 256-bit Twofish cipher. That means you can be sure no one except you can open your file.

Multiple Password Safe files

Password Touch can manage multiple Password Safe files. Files could be created on local devices, or on your Dropbox account.

Two views to locate your logins

You can quickly locate your logins by browsing the tree of your logins, or by looking at the alphabetical order of your logins.

Launch the URL by a single touch

You can launch the URL in Safari, create a new email, and copy the username and password to the pasteboard by a single touch in the respective section of the entity screen.

Generate new passwords

You can generate new passwords, according to your criteria, to update your existing logins, or for your new logins.

Get Password Touch and take all your passwords with you wherever you go!